Celebrating 25 years of BBB

Date/Time: 10/06/2018, 8:00am --- 5:30pm
DFCI Jimmy Fund Auditorium
Program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eot7e05tgmw0wng/Program.pdf?dl=0
Registraion (deadline 10/03/2018)https://goo.gl/forms/hS71LG7shbPon6wD2


Dear All BBB Faculty members,

On behalf of the organizing committee of “The Quarter Century Celebration of BBB”, we invite you to join this one-day symposium, which will be held at the Jimmy Fund Auditorium of Dana-Farber Cancer Center on Oct. 6th (Saturday), 2018. If you have attended previous BBB activities, we hope that you can join this historic celebration to see your old friends, bring back fun memories, get to know our new members, and help us build the future of BBB. If you have not attended past BBB events, also feel free to join us and meet with new friends and have fun!

As you know, BBB started as an informal dinner club in mid 90’s, hosting regular monthly meetings in Dr. Maniatis’ conference room at Harvard University. In 1998, the club was formally named BBB (Boston Biology and Biotechnology Association) with the mission of providing interactive environment and building up a supporting network. This year marks the 25th birthday of BBB, and the 25th year since the beginning of the dinner club. In 2017, BBB has chosen to become the Boston chapter of SCBA (Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America), to better foster collaborations and interactions among medical researchers and biologist of Chinese origin. Please join us to celebrate the success of BBB in its first quarter of century! 

We hope to see you in Boston at this historical event of BBB/SCBA!


The 25th BBB celebration symposium organizing committee: 
Dr. Lee Zou
Dr. Wenyi Wei
Dr. Sean Li
Dr. Xiaobo Zhou
Dr. Quan Lu
Dr. Hong Chen
Dr. Yang-Yu Liu
Dr. Hongwei Zhang