The Boston Biology and Biotechnology (BBB) Association

A brief history: In early 90’s, a group of then young Chinese (mostly postdoctoral fellows) in biomedical research around Boston area, including Wei-Wu He, Guoliang Yu, Yunfei Wei, Yi Li, Jinshan Hu, Zhi-Xiong Xiao, Haodong Li, Yi Rao, Ying Wu, Qiang Yu, Junying Yuan, Yang Shi, Hong Wu, Xiaofeng Zheng, Ling Chen and Yuan Zhu, began to gather together during weekends for pot-luck dinner while talking about sciences. Later, more and more fellows and junior faculty members joined in the dinner club.  In the middle of 90’s, the dinner club began to have regular monthly meetings in Dr. Maniatis’ conference room at Harvard University, facilitated by Jinghua Yang and Ping Zuo. In 1998, the club was formally named BBB (Boston Biology and Biotechnology Association) with the mission of providing interactive environment and building up a supporting network. It consists primarily of Chinese young faculties in academic institutions, senior scientists from bio/pharmaceutical institutions and senior postdoctoral fellows from the greater Boston area.  The first president (Jim Zhi-Xiong Xiao) and vice president (Ruibao Ren) were elected in 1999. 

In the past years, many prominent or promising young scientists presented their work in the BBB seminar series.  BBB also sponsored numerous interactions with colleagues and high-level delegations from China.  In July 1999, BBB was emerged as ACPB (Association of Chinese Professionals in Bimedicine-USA, 中美生物医学专家协会) and, led by Xiping Xu and Zhi-Xiong Xiao, organized a conference entitled “Biomedical Science in China and USA: Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st century” in Boston, which attracted more than 200 participants, many of whom are top scientists and high level officers from China and USA, including Harold Varmus, Barry Bloom, Aram Chobanian, Yu Peng, Zhu Chen, Yuquan Wei, Runlin Gao, Weigang Fang, Fude Fang, and Xiaoliang Wang, among others.

In February 2008, BBB chaired by Xi He, with the help of JianZhu Chen and Dongfeng Chen among others, organized a successful rejuvenating gathering for the Chinese New Year at MIT.  Approximate 40 PIs attended and gave talks.  At the meeting, Dongfeng Chen and Xue (Sean) Li were elected as president and vice president along with an executive committee that consisted of 5 faculty representing PIs from the metropolitan Boston. By 2009, BBB revised and reaffirmed its mission statement, established its first website (by Xiaole Liu), and developed sponsorships with several Biotech companies (initiated by Shan Lu). 

In 2018, BBB officially became the Boston Chapter of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA), established its current website (by Yang-Yu Liu), and successfully organized a symposium celebrating 25 years of BBB. Right after the symposium, Xiaobo Zhou and Hong Chen were elected as president and president-elect along with an executive committee.

BBB is a home for collegial interaction and friendship and an incubator for a successful PI.  For many years, numerous BBB members have made significant contributions to the success of BBB mission. Most of them have become independent Principal Investigators (PIs) and leaders in their fields. 

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