SCBA-Boston Chapter (Previously the Boston Biotech Biology “BBB” Association) is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that aims to thrive the Chinese professional community in Great Boston area. We aim to

1.        Promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and communications among Chinese Professionals in the Great Boston area;

2.        Cultivate the career development of young/junior Chinese scientists as independent principal investigators;

3.        Establish a platform for Chinese Medical Professionals to obtain and sustain continuous funding and development opportunities from both USA and abroad; both government and industries;

4.        Provide support to investigators who would like to translate their research into drug development for complex diseases;

5.        Build a strong community that supports the life and professional development of our Chinese faculty members and eventually to advance our political position in this society.

We hope to unite every Chinese faculty in Great Boston area and promote and support each other’s development in our big family by help solving most burning questions that all our Chinese faculty face: getting funded, publishing paper, networking, promotion, salary negotiation, leadership development, mentoring trainees and pattern application et al.  我们的宗旨是团结,互惠,共同扶持,同舟共济.