Daniel I-Chyau Wang, Ph.D.

Daniel I-Chyau Wang, Ph.D.

Institute Professor of chemical Engineering, MIT
Temasek Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, National University of Singapore
Research Interests : mammalian cells, glycosylation, high through-put screening, Mass transport, computer control and fermentation processes

Daniel IC Wang obtained his BS from MIT. MS from MIT and PhD from University of Pennsylvania. He has received numerous awards including Walker Award from AIChE, MJ Johnson award from ACS, Institute Lecture of the AIChE, Dave Perlman award from ACS, Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering , AIChE and many others. He has published 5 books, 278 refereed papers and holds 35 patents. He has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering., American Academy of Arts and Sciences, America institute of Medical, Biological and Engineering, Academia Sinica (ROC).  His past research has been in the area of oxygen transfer in bioreactors, membrane technology, and enzyme in synthesis, renewable resources and others. 

He holds honorary professorships from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, PRC; Zhejiang University, Hang Zhou, PRC; Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, PRC; and honorary doctoral degrees from HKUST University, Hong Kong; Catholic University, Valparaiso, Chile; and University of New Lisbon, Portugal.

Contact Information

MIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Room 56-431, Cambridge, MA 02139
p: (617) 253-2126