The research activities of our laboratory can be described along several dimensions. The first dimension is methodological and focuses on the development of novel approaches to understand and interrogate data. The second dimension runs along the biological levels of the genome and the phenome. The third dimension is defined by the diseases we are trying to understand and cure using our novel approaches.
The methodological activities of our laboratory revolves around two main notions: a Bayesian approach to data analysis and a network-centric representation of data and results. Not suprisingly many of our methodological contributions revolve around the discovery of Bayesian networks from data and the topological analysis of networks, to understand the role of nodes and connections in the definition of biological processes.
Biomedical Areas
Our research activities span across all the levels of genomic information and beyond. We believe that the different areas of genomic analysis should not be taken in isolation but that a great payoff of genomic research will steam from the ability to integrate this information into a coherent and systemic picture of biological processes.
Disease Areas
We focus on the understanding of the complex genetics bases of common diseases and pathological processes. We believe in the existence of some theoretical characteristics of these diseases and that the process of understanding one disease will contribute to develop methods and approaches to understand another.