Many of the methods we have developed have been implemented into computer programs or web-enabled databases. These programs and services are made freely available to the research community to enable the rapid transfer of methodological innovation to biomedical applications. We consider this software and database development efforts an important way to directly contribute to biomedical research and an integral part of the mission of our laboratory.
BADGE: Bayesian Analysis of Differential Gene Expression (BADGE) is a program for the differential analysis of gene expression microarray experiments.
BEST: Best Enumeration of SNP Tags (BEST) is a program able to identify the minimum set of SNPs tagging an haplotype block.
CAGED: Cluster Analysis of Gene Expression Dynamics (CAGED) is a program for the analysis of temporal profiles of gene expression data.
HVO: The Human Variation Omnibus (HVO) is a repository for datasets in SNP association studies. Data contained in HVO is publically available for searching, browsing and downloading. Submission requires an quick, easy and free registration.