Alexander Bernstein

Alexander Bernstein is Leonard Bernstein's second child. He is president of The Bernstein Education Through the Arts Fund Inc., and founding chairman of The Leonard Bernstein Center for Education Through the Arts. Prior to his full-time participation in the foundation, Bernstein taught for five years at the Packer-Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, New York, first as a second grade teacher, then as a teacher of drama for the middle school. He has studied acting, performed professionally, and worked as a production associate at the ABC News Documentary Unit. Bernstein holds a master's degree in English education from New York University and a bachelor's degree from Harvard.

Mr. Bernstein was interviewed on October 14, 2006, during Harvard's Bernstein Festival. In this interview, Mr. Bernstein discusses his family, growing up Bernstein, and his career in education.

This interview and transcript are available for in-library use. To arrange for access, contact Kerry Masteller.

[Biographical information from the "Leonard Bernstein: Boston to Broadway" Festival Program Book]