Bernstein's Sharon Documentary

This documentary is the result of stumbling upon a program from H.M.S. Pinafore in a microfilm scrapbook containing programs, newspaper clippings and documents from Bernstein's youth. The program revealed the names of cast members who, when contacted, were eager to reminisce their Sharon days –Victor Alpert, who was a lifelong friend of Bernstein's and fellow musician, the lead in The Mikado and Ralph Rackstraw in H.M.S. Pinafore, Norman Bock who played sir Joseph Porter K.C.B. in the same show, Robert Potash who participated in the chorus of Pinafore and performed custodial tasks for The Mikado, and his sister, who played a lead role in The Mikado, and provided piano accompaniment while Bernstein was on stage. And so this documentary presents a beautiful journey of history and memory; these interviews as well as footage of trips to Sharon help to reconstruct this very important part of Bernstein's childhood, which built the foundation of his future celebrity.

[Description courtesy of Shira Brettman]

Image credits: Group photo displayed was contributed by an Ruth Potash Samit, tickets were contributed by Robert Potash, and photos of Sharon were contributed by the Walter and Davida Newman.

Bernstein Sharon Interview

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