Student researchers from the Spring 2006 seminar include: Ayden Adler (auditor), Emily Abrams Ansari (teaching assistant), Ryan Bañagale, Shira Brettman, Corinna Campbell, Katherine Chen, Nick Commins, Peter D’Elia, Kara Furman, Giancarlo Garcia, Marc Gidal, Sheryl Kaskowitz, Scott Kominers, Stephanie Lai, Katherine Lee, Drew Massey, Stephanie Samuels, Alex Tan, Derrick Wang, Lily Yeh, and Emily Zazulia. Students who conducted interviews during the Fall 2006 seminar include: Victoria Aschheim, Shira Brettman, Rachel Carpentier, Casey Cohen, Kurt Crowley, Sarah Eggleston, Henry Fienning, Johanna Frymoyer, Marc Gidal, Katherine Lee, Drew Massey, and Rachel Williams.

The Spring, 2006 “Leonard Bernstein’s Boston Years: Team Research in the Classroom” course was generously funded from the following Harvard sources: Innovation Fund of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Center for Jewish Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Bok Center Pilot Project in Community-Based Learning. The Center for Jewish Studies also made possible the second set of interviews conducted in Fall, 2006 and provided funding for this “Leonard Bernstein’s Boston Years: Team Research in A Harvard Classroom” website. The Peter J. Gellert Memorial Fund provided additional website support as did the Music Department, Harvard College Libraries (in particular Susan Fliss, Associate Librarian for Research, Teaching and Learning and Michael Hemment, Head of Research and Learning Technology). The Bernstein Festival in the fall of 2006 received generous support from the Office of the President, Harvard University; the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; the Office of the Associate Provost for Arts and Culture; the Office for the Arts at Harvard; Eliot House; the Harvard College Humanities Center; the Aaron Copland Fund for Music; the Henderson Fund for Special Projects; and the Kayden Artist in Residence Fund as well as from Barry Cohen AB ’74 JD ’77 and Carol Cohen, and Donald Martocchio ’78 and Amanda Martocchio.

Work on this site has been supervised by Liza Vick, Music Reference and Research Services Librarian, and Kerry Masteller, Reference and Digital Program Librarian, Loeb Music Library (Harvard University), with contributions from an evolving team of student researchers. Carol J. Oja and Kay Kaufman Shelemay served as ongoing advisors. Elizabeth Craft wrote descriptions of documents and interviews and did a final editorial check of students’ interview transcripts from the “Bernstein’s Boston” seminar. Ryan Bañagale edited transcripts from the second wave of interviews, conducted during the Bernstein Festival. Lucille Mok wrote the descriptions and did minor edits to transcripts from "Bernstein's Greater Musical Worlds" and did minor edits to videos from the "Bernstein's Boston" seminar. All of the class teaching fellows and participants, especially Emily Abrams Ansari, Ryan Bañagale, and Drew Massey, frequently helped with content questions. Craig Urquhart and Marie Carter of The Leonard Bernstein Office assisted with queries and permissions. They joined Mark Eden Horowitz from the Music Division of the Library of Congress in helping to jump-start this whole project. Others who contributed mightily include: Harvard's Academic Technology Group (in particular Annie Rota, Shira Brettman, Drew Massey, Mark Pachucki, Therese Condit, Brandon Bentley and Paul Bergen), Media Technology Services, the staff of Harvard’s Department of Music (including Nancy Shafman, Lesley Bannatyne, Eva Kim, Sarah Macarah, and Karen Rynne), and the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library (Virginia Danielson and Sarah Adams as well as site supervisor Liza Vick). Glenn Kinney of Harvard’s Media Services undertook all of the videotaping for the “Bernstein’s Boston” seminar, and Media Services also videotaped the second round of interviews.