Lab Talk from visitor Nonie Finlayson

May 20, 2013

Nonie J Finlayson

This week Bex Lab will host Nonie J Finlayson from The University of Queensland in Australia. Nonie will give a talk to our lab group (details below), and anyone interested is welcome and encouraged to come along. If you'd like to meet with Nonie, we'll be do something social (and local) afterwards. 

What: "The effects of depth information on visual search"

Where: Bex Lab! (Room W209 of Schepens Eye Research Institute)

When: 3.00pm Friday May 24.

About Nonie: Nonie was born in the Australian Outback and is now completing her PhD at The University of Queensland. Her advisors are Phil Grove and Roger Remington, and her PhD research broadly involves understanding how visual attention operates in three-dimensional space.