Museum of Science Hall of Human Life opening night

November 15, 2013

Last night members of the Bex Lab had the privilege of attending the opening night of a new permanent exhibition at the Boston Museum of Science. The Hall of Human Life is an exciting interactive experience where children and adults can learn about themselves, from understanding what DNA does to how the brain processes familiar faces.
Bex Lab members.

Back row from left to right: Michael Dorr, Peter Bex, Guido Maiello, Will Harrison. Front row: MiYoung Kwon, Emily Wiecek.

Visitors to the museum will also get to experience some eye tracking demonstrations set up by the Bex Lab in collaboration with Mathworks. A visitor can participate in activities in which they learn about how often they move their eyes when they read, and they can even play a video game just by moving their eyes around the screen. 

Bex Lab colleague Sasha Selivanova is having her eyes tracked while she views celebrity faces. The eye tracker camera is the small bar mounted just below the screen.

MiYoung Kwon is being shown where her eyes moved when she looked at different faces.