See the Bex Lab at ARVO 2013

May 3, 2013

Members of the Bex Lab are heading to Seattle to attend ARVO 2013. If you want to hear about our latest research in methodologies and applications, basic vision, and visual dysfunction, be sure to add these dates to your calendar. Shoot us an email if you'd like to arrange a time to meet any of us! We're also going to other conferences this year, and you can check those out here.

Presentations in chronological order:

Sunday 5 May, 10.30pm. Michael Dorr. "iPad-Based Quick CSF Implementation to Assess Effects of Dioptric Blur on Contrast Sensitivity"

Monday 6 May, 3.30pm. Emily Wiecek. "Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Metamorphopsia in Retinopathy Patients"

Tuesday 7 May, 8.30am. Guido Maiello. "The Contribution of Perspective, Blur and Disparity to Depth Perception in Natural Vision"

Tuesday 7 May, 8.30am. MiYoung Kwon. "Rapid Assessment of Core Visual Deficits in Amblyopia"

Tuesday 7 May, 8.30am. Luis Lesmes. "The Reliability of the quick CSF Method for Contrast Sensitivity Assessment in Low Vision"

Tuesday 7 May, 11.00am. Peter Bex. "Motion perception in ocular disease and visual dysfunction"

Tuesday 7 May, 2.45pm. Tobias Elze. "Finding Patterns in Glaucomatous Visual Field Loss: Components, Prototypes, and Archetypes"