Amy Daniel Ulumben

Amy Daniel Ulumben

Research Student, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science – Mumbai University, India.
Master’s of Pharmaceutical Science in Pharmacology – Northeastern University
Amy Daniel Ulumben

Amy has been performing in vitro and in vivo testing of tumor-targeted fluorophores using near infrared (NIR) imaging systems in the Choi lab. Specifically, she works on culturing tumor cells and injecting them into mice to prepare orthotropic cancer animal models and evaluating the targetability of the fluorophore compounds through animal surgery and resection of organs. She also performs histological tumor analysis by Cryo-sectioning, histological staining, and microscopy to determine the localization of NIR fluorophores. To investigate the pharmacokinetic properties of fluorophores, Amy carries out protein binding assays and blood half-life studies. Amy is responsible for mouse maintenance, including genotyping and breeding of Insulinoma Mice.

Contact Information

149 13th St. Rm 5.222
Charlestown, MA 02129
p: 1-617-2598726

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