Yanan Cui

Dr. Yanan Cui

Visiting Associate Professor of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Yanan Cui

B.Sc. Bioengineering, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China
M.S. Pharmaceutics, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China
Ph.D. Pharmaceutics, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University/Peking University, China

Dr. Cui is working on the development of novel drug delivery systems, including poorly water-soluble drugs, small-molecule anti-cancer drugs, and bio-macromolecular drugs, for diagnosis, staging, and treatment of human diseases. And she also focused on the endocytosis and exocytosis mechanisms of active-targeting nanocarriers. At present her interest is tumor-targeted polymer-based nanocarriers, which can be used for specific drug delivery with high efficacy and low side effect and could easily be cleared through renal route.

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149 13th St. Rm 5.222
Charlestown, MA 02129
p: (617) 642-1164

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