The Bodin Project is a non-profit operation the aim of which is to make available on-line materials to enhance knowledge and understanding of Jean Bodin, a pivotal figure in the history of sixteenth-century Europe, and especially the history of ideas. Regularly augmented, these materials include:

  • contemporary editions of Bodin’s principal publications, in .pdf format
  • links to other sites relevant to Bodinian and related studies
  • comprehensive bibliography of early editions of all of Bodin's work
  • on-going bibliography of post-2000 publications

This site is one of the outputs of a research programme, funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, on ‘The Reception of Bodin’. The following participants in the programme have contributed in various ways to the site’s development:

Ann Blair; Harald Braun; Glenn Burgess; Peter Burke; Marie-Dominique Couzinet; Luc Foisneau; Mark Greengrass; Virginia Krause; Howell A. Lloyd; Johannes Machielsen; Kenneth D. McRae; Christian Martin; Sara Miglietti; Michaela Valente