Bibliography of secondary sources

Supplemental bibliography of secondary sources on Jean Bodin

 The most thorough and useful bibliography of works relating to Bodin is Marie-Dominique Couzinet’s Jean Bodin, volume 23 in the ‘Bibliographie de écrivains français’ series originally published by Memini (Paris) in 2001.  The series copyright is now owned by Brepols which is making all volumes available as online database (BIBLIFRE).  The database is accessible at  Access is subject to subscription.  

 The bibliography presented below lists publications relevant to Bodin studies since the year 2000, with a few pre-2000 items to supplement the Couzinet bibliography.  Warm thanks to the many who have contributed to this supplemental bibliography over the past years: Shingo Akimoto, Harald Braun, Marie-Dominique Couzinet, Yannis Evrigenis, Luc Foisneau, Virginia Krause, Daniel Lee, Howell Lloyd, Sara Miglietti, Jonathan Schüz, Michaela Valente, Robert von Friedeburg; and to Josiah Bonsey and Samantha Wesner of Harvard University for their help. 

 This bibliography will be up-dated annually.  Users are invited to send suggestions of items for inclusion, by e-mail to the following address: amblair at fas dot harvard dot edu

This version completed: Feb 10, 2022

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