2022/Mar/13 Julie Sunshine: A poem on the neurology wards


Julie Sunshine

I feel so alone.
I miss you when you leave.
I did not forget.
I did not forget you, Julie Sunshine.
I remember all of you.
I remember you.
You visit every day.
You visit me every day, Julie Sunshine.
I repeat myself. I repeat.
I know.
My brain is bad, but you are not.
Hold my hand. Hold my hand.
Stay. I love you. I miss you when you leave.
I feel so alone.
I miss you when you leave.
Julie Sunshine, I feel so alone.
Don’t leave me. I’ll be leaving soon.


About the author: Oscar Leyva Camacho is a 2d Lt USAF, Medical Service Corps, and an Harvard Medical School Student. He was born in Mexico but was was raised in Ecuador. He moved to northern California for high school and college. He attended Stanford University, where he studied biology and sociology. During his gap year, he worked as a project manager for PayPal and joined the Medical Service Corps (HPSP) before starting at HMS. Some of his interests include critical care, pain medicine, and ethics. 

Oscar will be graduating in May 2023. After medical school, he will become a flight surgeon for a few years before going into residency, potentially anesthesia, but if flight surgery overtakes his career, he might then consider further exploring residency options in aerospace/operational medicine years down the line. For now, flight surgery is his aspiration.