2022/Jan/22 Neurology Residents Volunteer for Boston Healthcare for the Homeless

January 22nd, 2022


Located in the South of Washington area and across from Boston Medical Center, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless (BHCH) is an organization that provides multiple health services for people experiencing homelessness or housing instability.  In addition to primary care, there are multiple subspecialty clinics, including neurology.  Boston Healthcare for the Homeless offers clinic volunteers the chance to use their medical training to serve patients in need who are experiencing housing insecurity


As neurology residents of the Mass General Brigham Program, Javier Suarez and Jonathan Crowe volunteer to treat patients at BHCH once a month.

Javier Suarez

“The majority of neurologic medicine happens in the outpatient setting, which is unfortunately inaccessible to many of the disadvantaged people in Boston.  While a hospital usually cannot turn away a patient with an acute inpatient medical issue, clinics, especially specialty practices, are under no obligation to see patients who fall outside of the financial compensation structure.  BHCH removes this barrier for people who need it most, and I am proud to serve the community with them.  I am also involved as a coordinator for the clinic, arranging volunteers and ensuring our residents and attendings are equipped to provide neurologic care to this vulnerable population.  Volunteering with BHCH is straightforward, and the staff are kind and helpful.”
~Javier Suarez, MD


Jonathan Crowe

“As neurologists, we know that brain health is crucial for helping patients live active and complete lives. BHCH lets us meet patients in the same location as their shelter and work alongside their primary care doctors to provide the right neurologic care. As both a clinic coordinator and a clinic volunteer, I'm yet to meet a single volunteer who did not find the experience incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I would encourage anyone who may be interested to join for a volunteer session. You will not be disappointed."
~Jonathan Crowe, MD, MPH, MSc

For resident physicians, all they need are two release forms, proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and an email address. For attending physicians, they’ll need to provide, additionally, licensing information.


If you are interested in participating? Email BHCH's clinical coordinator Nilsa Carrasquillo.


Is your program, department, or institution involved in good work based in Boston?  Let the BSNNP know!  Email bostonsocneurologypsychiatry@gmail.com and in the subject line write: “Good Work in Boston”