As the architectural and engineering fields rapidly embraced the application of information technology in all aspects of their activity, museums and archives are faced with the challenge of ensuring the preservations and future accessibility of the rapidly growing digital Architectural artifacts, grappling with the need for technological tools, technical and archival expertise, and repositories that can preserve and disseminate the archived digital data. Building for Tomorrow aims to frame a collaborative infrastructure to support long-term preservation of digital design data. “Infrastructure” includes the technologies and tools required for digital archiving, preservation repositories, addressing intellectual property issues, and engaging the stakeholder communities – software vendors, designers, architects, architectural historians, archivists, librarians, technologists, and digital preservationists – in working towards shared understanding and agreement on how to best preserve and ensure accessibility to digital design records into the future.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, IMLS Grant LG-73-17-0004-17