CAMCA'S Xiang Li Received MGH Thrall Innovation Grants Award

February 4, 2022
CAMCA Researcher Xiang Li received the 2021 MGH Thrall Innovation Grants Award. The award will fund Dr. Li's research of lung cancer screening by transformed chest X-ray imaging, entitled "Chest Radiographs-based Lung Cancer Screening by the DeepProjection Technique". The work aims to develop a safer and faster lung cancer screening solution based on the DeepProjection technique previously developed by Dr. Li, which is an AI-driven model that can generate near-real volumetric 3D CT image from a single 2D Chest Radiograph (CXR) image. By replacing CT scans with CXR-generated pseudo-CTs for lung cancer screening, the proposed project can lead to reduced radiation doses, scan time and cost, as well as better availability for remote healthcare sites.