Paw Games Study

Paw Games Study

One of the ways that dogs explore the world is through play behavior. However, it is not well-known how factors such as breed, sex, and life experience influence how dogs play.

In this study, we are investigating how different dogs play with objects and solve puzzles. The study is done remotely by filming short videos of your dog interacting with one of their regular toys as well as some homemade food puzzle toys that we will instruct you how to make. All dogs may participate in this study, including dogs who do not show much interest in toys or food.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation, entry into our raffle for a $25 Amazon gift card, and if desired, a thank you post including a clip of your dog playing with one of the objects from the study on our social media pages.

If you would like to learn more about the background of this study and the science of canine play, please click here to watch a public talk given by lead researcher Sophie Barton.

You can also see clips of dogs participating in this study by checking out our Instagram @canine_brains, Twitter @pawgamesstudy, and Facebook (Canine Brains) pages.

To participate, please complete the steps below.

1. Complete the registration form below (or click here to complete it a new tab).


2. Complete the consent form below (or click here to complete it in a new tab). On the submission page, click on the link for "Paw Games Study Instructions." It will take you to a new page.

(Please note that this consent form includes information for all of the Canine Brains Project's studies. Some of the information will not pertain to you and your dog for this study.)


If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please email us directly at

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