Useful links for studying American English

Useful links for studying American English (AmE)


Do you speak Bostonian?  Article on U Penn's Phonological Atlas from the January 25, 1999, edition of U.S. News & World Report  (lo-res .jpg scan) Page 2

New Yawk Talk  March 12, 1999, NPR interview with U Penn linguist William Labov on his 40-year study of the various accents of New York City

Beyond Words: Mapping the Backroads of American Speech Oct. 14, 2001, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on DARE and Fred Cassidy

Learned Societies

The American Dialect Society, DARE's official sponsor. Did you know that "hashtag" was the official word of the year for 2012?

The Dictionary Society of North America (Check here for links to other dictionary societies.)