Accessing CBDB online

在線訪問 CBDB

We suggest that you register an account in this system (free of charge) for the detailed information function, visualization functions, and text repositories. If you find that your institution is not listed in the 機構 of the registration page, please email Mr. Houquan ZHU with the name and country/region of your institution, your institution will be soon added to the 機構 list. If you are not in Mainland China, please fill your email address instead of cellphone number in the 郵箱/手機 input box. You will find the tutorial video here.


In this inputting system, you can to see how data is entered, view the codes, and review information on any person in the database. --you will not be able to save changes or delete data -- use the buttons and links on the page. If you use the enter key or the forward and back buttons on your browser you may be logged off, in which case simply log on again.



Or, download the standalone version:

Please go to the Download page: Click the "Download" link above the page, and then download the format/version that you need.


欲下載「中國歷代人物傳記資料庫 (CBDB)」 的單機版,請點選頁面上方選單列的「下載」後,選擇自己需要的單機版格式/版本進行下載。