Introduction to CBDB API

API (application programming interfaces) is an application which allows system interoperability. Through API, each database can retrieve data from another database to supplement its own without actually storing them.

CBDB API now allows other databases to retrieve and present CBDB data on the fly. We accept two types of queries:

1. Query by person ID (CBDB ID)

2. Query by name (Chinese and Pinyin)

How to Call CBDB API:

Example: creating an API call to CBDB for 王安石 (Wang Anshi)

Send out http request using the following link:
1. Query by person ID:
2. Query by name:
Output Format:
After calling the API, it will return the complete data of the person in CBDB.
HTML output:
CBDB API also supports two other output formats: XML and JSON, which provides the flexibility of refining the presentation according to the need for each database.
Current Users of CBDB API:
Ming Qing Women's Writings by McGill University
人名權威人物傳記資料 by Academia Sinica