Core Institutions and Editors

Core Institutions

Steering Committee
Peter K. Bol 包弼德[Contact] 
Harvard University (chair)
Deng Xiaonan 鄧小南 Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History, Peking University
Grace Fong 方秀潔 McGill University
Michael A. Fuller 傅君勱 University of California at Irvine
Chen Song 陳松 Bucknell University
Lau Nap-yin 柳立言 Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Liu Cheng-yun 劉錚雲 Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Luo Xin 羅新 Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History, Peking University
Previous Members
Zhang Xiqing 張希清        Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History, Peking University
Robert P. Hymes 韓明士 Columbia University

Editorial Committee

1. Project Managers
Wang Hongsu 王宏甦 [Contact]

Project Manager
(2013 - )

Harvard University
Chen Shih-pei 陳詩沛 [Contact]

Project Manager
(2011 - 2013)

Harvard University
Jiang Yong 姜勇 [Contact] Project Manager Peking University
Liu Jiang 劉江 [Contact] Project Manager Peking University
Yin Hang 尹航 [Contact] Project Manager Peking University
Yang Guang 楊光  Project Manager Peking University
Cheng Hui 程卉

Assistant Project Manager
(2013 - 2014)

Harvard University
TSUI Lik Hang 徐力恆 [Contact]

Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard University

2. Harvard University Editorial Group
Chen Yilun 陳奕倫 2008-2012
Yao Shuang 2009
Xiang Xin 向芯 2009-2014
Jennifer Xia 2009
Gao Ruilin 2009
Nancy Xie 2009, 2011
Li Yifan
Li Cheng
Shao Heng 2010
Dan Jinghao Zhou 周璟豪 2010
Chu Ping-tzu 祝平次 2011
Zhao Yingzhi 2011
Zhao Huanxi 趙寰熹 2011
Luo Yinan 羅褘楠 2011
Liu Chen 劉晨 2011
Ding Yi 丁一 2011
Yuchen Gu 谷雨晨 2011
Yin Yuran 尹禺然 2011
Rui Xue 芮雪 2011-2015
Lydia Ding 丁麗晴 2011
Yang Ling 楊凌 2011
Cheng Wanxin 陳琬芯 2011
Darius Li 李羿興 2011-2012
Tang Qiaomei 唐巧美 2012
Blaine Gaustad 2010-
Liu Zidong 劉子棟 2012
Sun Yutong 孫宇童 2012-2014
Wai-Him (William) Pang 彭維謙 2013
Huan Jin 金環 2013
Lu Kou 寇陸 2013-2014
Liu Cao 曹流 2013-2014
Renzheng Jiang 蔣仁正 2013-2014
Ruye Chen 陳如業 2014-2015
Xin Wen 文欣 2015-
Zhan Zhang 張湛 2016-
Mengdie Zhao 趙夢蝶 2016-

3. Peking University Editorial Group
Chen Keshuang 陳克雙
Ding Yijue 丁義珏
Dong Wenjing 董文靜
Du Le 杜樂
Fang Chengfeng 方誠峰
Gu Liwei 古麗巍
Gui Shixin 桂始馨
Hu Ke 胡珂
Kang Peng 康鵬
Li Shuhui 李淑慧
Li Yiwen 李怡文
Liang Jianguo 梁建國
Liu Jiang 劉江
Liu Yihong 劉怡紅
Ni Jue 倪鈺
Nie Wenhua 聶文華
Qin Kehong 秦克宏
Shao Yuxin 邵育欣
Wang Huayu 王化雨
Wu Fang 武芳
Zhang Weizhong 張衛忠
Zhang Yi 張 禕
Zhou Jia 周 佳
Jiang Yong 姜 勇
Chen Ling 陳 玲
Yu Yue 于 月
Chen Xue 陳 雪
Zhao Zhenkui 趙振奎
Lin Xuanyu 林炫羽
Zhao Jian 趙 健
Yin Hang 尹 航
Jia Lian'gang 賈連港
Su Xianhua 蘇顯華
Chen Xifeng 陳希豐
Ren Shi 任 石 
Yan Jianfei 閆建飛
Zhang Yibing 張亦冰
Zhu Yiqun 朱義群
Yuan Fan 袁 璠
Yang Guang 楊 光
Cao Jie 曹 傑
Wu Shumin 吳淑敏
Zhang Chenguang 張晨光
Chen Yanyuan 陳硯元

Harvard Text Mining Project
Stuart Sheiber Co-PI
Peter Bol Co-PI
Elif Yamangil Program Manager
Rani Nelken Consultant
Onder Eker Analyst
Deng Ke Statistical Analysis
Chen Song Manager
Javier Cha Editor
Wang Xiaoxuan Editor
Blaine Gaustad Historical Analysis
Luo Yinan Historical Analysis
Li Haihong Historical Analysis
Sophia Huang Programmer

Web Maintance

Peifen Hsieh 謝佩芬 Harvard University 2012
Javier Cha 2009-2011
Alexander Akin 2009
John Wong 2009

The online inputting and querying systems

By Tudor Tech Systems Co., Ltd for the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.


As of 2015, the Tang Research Foundation is supporting a 3-year project for a comprehensive prosopographical investigation of the Tang period based on excavated epitaphs (墓誌), official documents, and private writings.

As of 2012 CBDB projects include a redesign of the database structure, a project to incorporate all relevant data in the Ming Biographical Index 明人傳記資料索引, harvesting of all data in the biographies of the official history of the Song dynasty, and preparing Tang and Five dynasties data for upload.

As of August 2009 work was continuing on data extraction from the Wang Deyi Index.Wang Deyi's Index to Yuan Biographical Materials 元人傳記資料索引 was being readied for tagging. The 40,000 entries in Gong Yanming's record of Song dynasty examination degree holders was being prepared for tagging.

As of June 2009 the project was continuing with the automated tagging and data extraction from over 24,000 biographies in the Wang Deyi Index. To date we have been extremely successful (with precision and recall rates in the high 90 percents) in extracting dates of and age at death, entry into office via examinations, place of origin and migration, alternative names, kinship, and office titles. The project was also developing approaches to extracting information on social relations in biographies.

During the summer of 2009 Prof. Yao Ping will be working on tagging biographical data in approximately 6000 Tang dynasty grave biographies (墓志銘). We expect to include the data in the CBDB database in the fall of 2009.

Beginning in the summer of 2009 work will begin on tagging the over 18,000 biographies Wang Deyi's Index to Yuan Biographical Materials 元人傳記資料索引.

As of February 2009 the editorial team at Peking University has begun reviewing files produced by our text-mining system to extract data from Wang Deyi’s revision of the Index to Song Biographical Materials 宋人傳記資料索引. Once the procedures have been developed to extract data in all CBDB categories from this text we expect to apply these methods to biographies in the dynastic histories.

Work has begun on creating a list of official titles under the Liao dynasty in preparation for the inclusion of Liao dynasty biographical data.

The Ming Qing Women's Writings Project directed by Prof. Grace Fong of McGill University has received a grant, together with Prof. Renée Sieber, to create interoperablility between that database and CBDB. One outcome of this will be the addition of about 5000 Ming and Qing women writers to the CBDB database.

The Institute of History and Philology at Academia Sinica will contribute the data from its Ming Qing Name Authority Files to CBDB. We are currently examining the data structure in preparation for including that data.

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