How to Install Access

Download instruction 下載指南

download instruction

Install instruction 安裝指南

In order to keep the database files within the two gigabyte limit for Microsoft Access files, CBDB is divided into four files: three “Base” files with the tables of data, and a “User” file with the user interface.  The User file draws on the tables in the Base files as “linked tables.”  When you install the CBDB files, the Access program will automatically create the links between the User and Base files that you have installed in a shared directory.  If that link fails or you need to recreate the link when you download new data files, the Navigation pane provides a way to recreate the links. 為了使數據庫文檔小於2GB的微軟文檔上限,CBDB把數據分割成四個文檔:三個包含多數主要表格的「基本」(base)文檔和一個包含使用者介面和用於搜索的非常規文檔的「用戶」(user)文檔。「用戶」文檔以「關聯表格」(linked tables)的方式與「基本」文檔相聯。當使用者安裝CBDB離線Access版資料庫時,需重新建立「用戶」文檔和「基本」文檔之間的關聯

To install the MS Access database 安裝MS Access數據庫

1.    Create a folder into which to extract the four files that you have downloaded from the CBDB website.  Extract the files. 創建一個文件夾用於存儲使用者從CBDB網站下載的壓縮檔。解壓文件。

2.    Double-click on the User file to open it in Microsoft Access.  You will see: 雙擊User文檔來使用Access打開,您會看到以下介面:

Note the arrows next to most of the tables in the list on the left side of the screen.  The arrow indicates that the table is a linked table from the Base files. 注意上圖左側眾多表格邊的箭頭。箭頭表示該表為與基本文檔關聯的表格。

3.  Double-click on any linked table, and if the table is successfully linked, it will open. If the link is broken, you will see the message: 雙擊選擇任何已關聯的表格,如果表格成功連接,表單會正常打開;如果表格連結失敗,你將看到以下提示:

4.  If you get an error message, double-check that the three data files are in the same directory as the User file.  If they are, write down the name of one of the data files, e.g. CBDB_20180831_DATA1.mdb.  The date “20180831” (in YYYYMMDD format) gives the date of the data release.如果出現了報錯,請檢查三個數據文件與數據庫系統是否在同一個文件夾中。

5.    Next, click on the “Relink Tables” command button in the Navigation Pane.  This will open a form that will ask for the date of the data release: 點擊導航頁面中的「重新連接數據表」按鈕,下方表格將被打開,無需修改日期,直接點擊「OK」,數據會進行重連。

6.    The User file is now ready to use. 至此用戶文件就準備好了。