Important Announcement about Access to CBDB Data in China



As of 2019.01.01 access to CBDB data in China will go through the Yinde system. University libraries can subscribe to the Yinde system on behalf of their users. If your library does not subscribe to Yinde, you may purchase a one year license.

201911 起,中国大陆用户将从引得系统访问CBDB数据。学校图书馆可以代表用户向引得注册。如果您的图书馆还没有注册引得系统,您也可以购买一年的个人使用权。


The Yinde system is more than CBDB. In addition to including CBDB data, the Yinde system will also provide

引得系统不只是 CBDB。除CBDB数据外,引得系统还提供


  • simplified Chinese for search, browsing, and data export通过简化字进行数据检索、浏览和导出功能
  • systematic coverage of 20th century historical figures 系统的加入二十世纪历史人物
  • statistical charts 统计图表
  • social network graphs 社会关系图
  • kinship trees 亲属树
  • data mapping 数据地图


Yinde and CBDB will continue to add new biographical data on a regular basis. It currently has over 420,000 men and women. Currently we are preparing to include data on local officials based on local gazetteers and other sources, exchanges of poetry in Tang and Song, and kinship relations in Song. We expect to launch projects on pre-Tang biography and to increase coverage of social relations in Ming and Qing in the near future.

引得和 CBDB 将持续定期添加新的人物传记数据。当前数据库拥有四十二万男性和女性资料。当前我们正在准备添加基于地方志和其他资料来源的地方数据、唐代和宋代的交往诗、宋代亲属关系。在不久的将来我们将会添加唐代以前的传记资料,并且增加明清社会关系数据。


Contributors to CBDB and users of large CBDB datasets should contact the project manager for access.

曾向CBDB贡献数据的用户,以及需要使用 CBDB 大数据集的用户请联络我们的项目经理以获得访问权限。


Accessing CBDB online 在線訪問 CBDB


Use "GUEST" to log in. No password required. This will allow you to see how data is entered, view the codes, and review information on any person in the database. --you will not be able to save changes or delete data -- use the buttons and links on the page. If you use the enter key or the forward and back buttons on your browser you may be logged off, in which case simply log on again.

您可以使用 "Guest" 帳號,無需密碼。您可以看到數據的錄入方式、所使用的數據代碼,也可以查看數據庫中任何一個人物的信息。但您所做的任何修改都無法保存,您也無法刪除任何數據。


Or, download the standalone version:

Please go to the Download page: Click the "Download" link above the page, and then select "Download CBDB Standalone Database". You will find more information there.


  • 欲下載「中國歷代人物傳記資料庫 (CBDB)」 的單機版,請點選頁面上方選單列的「下載」-> 「下載CBDB單機版」