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CBDB Codebook

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CBDB Users Guide 20210526

The latest User Guide.

The CBDB User's Guide [Chinese], 2021

The Chinese Version of User Guide

General Introduction to CBDB 2014

General Introduction to CBDB 2013

Tutorial: Open CBDB Exports in Pajek

This tutorial tells how to open the CBDB exported files in Pajek in order to see social networks.

A Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China - Hucker

Searchable OCR version.


A Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China - Hucker

Non-searchable photocopy version. Including Introduction and Index.

120314_Intro SHY Taida system.pdf

This presentation introduces the discovery system for the Song huiyao (宋會要輯稿), developed at the Center for Research on Digital Humanities, National Taiwan University, with permission from the Institute of History, Academia Sinica, and the China Biographical Database project.

120314_SHY verification task.pdf

Rules for Index Years

Index year is an arbitrary year that we assign to each person, indicating the peak of his or her life, which is defined as the age 60. If one passes away before the age 60, we would use his or her death year as the index year. This file includes a detailed instruction of how to calculate the index year.