Working Groups for Historical Periods

Purpose of the Working Groups

The role of these working groups will be to judge proposals for data acquisition. In addition they will function as editorial boards in the evaluation of datasets and databases submitted for peer-reviewed publication through CBDB.  

Currently there are working groups for the:
Qin, Han, and Medieval periods
Tang and Five Dynasties
Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan
Ming and Qing

In the future we expect that the working groups will become more specific.

At present CBDB is not yet ready to make a concerted effort to collect twentieth-century and contemporary biographical data. For references to work in this area consult the relevant presentation for the First International Workshop on Biographical Databases.

(Participants as of 2009.1)

Qin, Han and medieval China 秦、漢、中古時期

Miranda Brown,  Han Officials Database , University of Michigan

Anne Kinney, Exemplary Women, University of Virginia

Robin Yates, Early China, McGill University

Luo Xin 羅新, Medieval history and biography, Peking University

Tian Xiaofei 田曉菲, medieval literature, Harvard University

Tang and Five Dynasties 唐、五代

Christian Wittern, Tôdai jimbutsu chishiki beesu 唐代人物知識 ベース, Kyoto University

Stephen Owen, Tang literature, Harvard University

Nicholas Tackett, Five Dynasties prosopography, Stanford University

Lu Yang 陸揚, Tang prosopography, Peking University

Jessey J. C. Choo, Tang biography, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Yao Ping 姚平, prosopography of Tang women, California State University Los Angeles

Naomi Standen, Five dynasties history, Newcastle University

Linda Rui Feng, Tang literature, University of Toronto

Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan 宋、遼、金、元

Peter Bol, middle period history, Harvard University

Chen Wenyi 陳文怡, Song-Yuan history, Institute of History, AcademiaSinica

Chu Ping-tzu 祝平次, middle period history, Tsinghua University, Taiwan

Hilde De Weerdt, Chinese history, KIngs College London

Deng Xiaonan 鄧小南, Song History, Peking University

Michael Fuller, Song literature, University of California Irvine

Hsu Ping-yu 徐秉愉, Jin history, National Taiwan University

Robert Hymes, middle period history, Columbia University

Nick Tackett, Five Dynasties prosopography,  University of California Berkeley

Iiyama Tomoyasu 飯山知保, Jin history, Waseda university

Lau Nap-yin 柳立言, Song History, Institute of History, AcademiaSinica

Lu Mingzhen 陸敏珍, Song History, Zhejiang University

Gong Yanming 龔延明, Chinese history, Zhejiang University

Zhang Cong 張聰, middle period history, University of Virginia

Christopher Atwood, Yuan period, University of Indiana

Yu Kuanghoon, Yuan Period, Harvard University

Ming and Qing 明、清

Pamela Crossley, Eminent Chinese of the Ch’ing Period, Dartmouth College

Mark Elliott, Qing and Inner Asian History, Harvard University

Grace Fong 方秀潔, Ming Qing Women’s Writings, McGill University

Fung Ming-chu 馮明珠, National Palace Museum, Taipei

Anne Gerritsen, Ming History, University of Warwick

Martin Heijdra, Ming history, Princeton University

Michael Szonyi, Ming history, Harvard University

Liu Cheng-yun 劉錚雲, Qing History, Academia Sinica

Endymion Wilkinson, Chinese historiography

Li Haihong 李海鸿, Qing History, Harvard University

Blaine Gaustad, Qing History

Religious Biography 宗教傳記

Ven. Huimin 釋惠敏, Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association, Dharma Drum Buddhist College

Ven. Fayuan 釋法源, Buddhist studies, Dharma Drum Buddhist College

Wu Jiang 吳江, BGIS : A Searchable Relational Database of Buddhist Monasteries in China, University of Arizona

James Robson, Buddhist studies, Harvard University

Christian Wittern, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University

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