Katarina Begus

Dr. Katarina Begus

Previous Postdoctoral Researcher at CoCoDev

Dr. Katarina Begus was a postdoctoral research fellow at CoCoDev and is now an Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Copenhagen. Her main research interests are curiosity, information seeking, and learning in infancy. Dr. Begus has been investigating these topics in preverbal infants, mostly in the context of social learning, using behavioural, eyetracking, and neuroimaging approaches. Dr. Begus received her Ph.D. from Birkbeck College, London and did her first post-doc at Central European University, Budapest, before working with Dr. Elizabeth Bonawitz for her second post doc. Dr. Begus hopes to expand on her prior work by integrating it with computational approaches and further investigating how infants' and young children's (monitoring of) uncertainty guides their information search and learning.

Role Description