About Us

This project provides the basis for the first and second phases of the long-term project that seeks to align citizen’s interest to that of duty bearers (political leaders and public servants) in a bid to improve the delivery of public goods and services in Ghana. In pursuit of our goal of improving duty bearers and public institutions’ performance in the delivery of public goods and services, we seek to establish a data facility center that would help assemble, archive, and disseminate information on the state of socioeconomic and political developments at the district level.

The center will house data on levels of social and economic goods, such as access to health education, unemployment, information on agricultural development, and, political data of duty bearers at the district level. When established, the data facility center would help provide reader-friendly information to citizens on the state of public goods and services in their respective districts/constituencies in order to strengthen the demand for political accountability in Ghana. Armed with this handy information on the state of public service delivery in their respective districts/constituencies, citizens and the media will be able to assess and evaluate the degree to which duty bearers are fulfilling their obligations to them.

By organizing and disseminating such reader/listener/viewer-friendly information to the general public, government officials, civil society organizations, media, policy think-tanks, policy makers and researchers, using tools such as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Mapping, SMS text messaging, television and radio and an internet platform, we hope to create incentives for duty bearers and public institutions to be responsive and committed to the delivery of public goods and services. Under the current grant application, CDD-Ghana, together with its collaborating partners, will identify sources of data, collect and process the data, into accessible formats and make them available to citizens through an established website, the media and bulletins.