1. Find your version of SPSS (18 through 24).

  2. Install the required version of R for your version of R from the following links:

  3. Download and install the SPSS-R Plugin. For SPSS 18-24, you can find the relevant installer for your version of SPSS at this Github page. For SPSS versions 25+, this page has information about how to install the plugin from within SPSS. 

  4. For SPSS versions 18-21, download and install the SPSS-Python Plugin. For SPSS 22+, this plugin is installed by default.

  5. Download the CEM for SPSS extension bundle:

  6. Open SPSS, go to "Utilities > Extension Bundles > Install Extension Bundle..." and direct the dialog box to the "cem.spe" file you downloaded.

  7. Restart SPSS and you should see a "CEM" command under "Analyze" (see pictures below).


  • cem-spss.jpg
  • cem-mac.png