GIS Hands-On Training Workshop Series




Each semester CGA offers instructor-led non-credit technical training workshops to introduce GIS concepts and teach the basics on how to use GIS software. Harvard affiliation is required. For self-study, you can download the Powerpoint presentations, as well as the PDF and data for the lab exercises. All workshops are on Fridays from 1:00 - 3:00 PM. Topics include:

  • GIS Basics with ArcGIS
  • Wrangling Data into Maps
  • Making Sense out of Spatial Data
  • Worldmap Training
  • GPS Workshop - 4 hours in duration
  • Getting the Most out of Google Earth
  • Intro to Remote Sensing
  • How to Create Google Maps Mashups
  • Open Source Desktop GIS with QuantumGIS
  • Database Design for GPS/GIS Applications

Workshops are free, but you must register to attend. See our non-credit training page for details and registration.

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