Chen Chen

Chen Chen

Doctoral Student/Harvard Graduate School of Education/Harvard Smithonian Center for Astrophisics

I use behavioral and cognitive neuroscientific methods to study:

1. Metaphor, Model and Mind:
    how understanding of abstract concepts are embodied in our sensations,
    how children develop the ability to metaphorically speak or understand one thing in terms of other things, what role does early parenting environment play in it.
    how metaphor facilitates our learning, constitute our mental model and help us resolute in ambiguity to make decisions,
    and further how, if possible, people can be set free from the boundary of metaphors to embrace ambiguities, prehend new forms, construct sense makings, and generate varieties.

2. Reading Ability and Difficulty:
    Visual and phonological processing in people with dyslexia.
    Dichotomy of reading difficulty in billingual speakers or English language learners.
    Gist and contextual learning in different reading interfaces.

3.  Math Cognition
     To what extent is arithmetic operation dependent or independent from semantics.
     Auditory interference in mathematic calculation.
     New math skill batteries.

4.  From Governing A Classroom to Parenting A Country
     How parenting and schooling shape one's understanding and expectation of the role government plays.

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