• Chinese Archaeology at Harvard (Early 20th Century)

    Father of Chinese Archaeology: Li Ji (1895-1979) and Liang Siyong (1904-1954) were trained at Harvard.

  • Chinese Archaeology at Harvard (Mid-20th Century)

    Father of Sichuan Archaeology: Cheng Te-k'un (1907-2001) studied and worked at Harvard-Yenching Institute.

  • Chinese Archaeology at Harvard: Chang Kwang-Chih (1931-2001)

    Received his Ph.D. from the Anthropology department in 1960, Chang returned to a faculty position at Harvard in 1977.

  • Chinese Archaeology at Harvard: Contemporary

    Professor Rowan Flad is leading the Chinese Archaeology Laboratory at Harvard.


Harvard has a long history in the field of Chinese and East Asian archaeology. The beginnings of archaeology as a scientific discipline in China are intimately connected to Harvard's Department of Anthropology and Fogg Museum. Read about our history here!



Asian Perspectives

Asian Perspectives is one of the leading journals in the field of Chinese and Asian archaeology. 

SEAA 2016

The 2016 Annual Conference of the Society for East Asian Archaeology was co-hosted by Harvard University and Boston University. Specialists of East Asian archaeology at Harvard are actively involved with the SEAA. 

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