Workbook for Quantitative Methods and Socioeconomic Applications in GIS


Friday, October 8, 2021, 9:00pm to 10:00pm



Speaker: Liu Lingbo, Visiting Scholar, Center for Geographical Analysis, Harvard University
Moderator: Fahui Wang, Professor, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University

Abstract: Application of GIS and Quantitative Methods in Socio-Economic Research is a classic textbook for quantitative socio-spatial research based on GIS. KNIME is an open source software for data analysis based on workflow. The software includes 2000+ functional modules and has convenient Python, R, Java and other module interfaces. This lecture will introduce how to develop a workflow module based on KNIME's data analysis case in "Application of GIS and Quantitative Methods in Socio-Economic Research", and how to join the ongoing space social science research and development cooperation team.

Introduction of the speaker: Liu Lingbo, deputy director of the Experimental Center of the School of Urban Design, Wuhan University, is currently a visiting scholar at the Center for Geographical Analysis of Harvard University, USA, and his main research directions are sustainable urban design for healthy cities, quantitative spatial research, and data-augmented planning and design; Published and translated the book "GIS and Quantitative Methods in Socio-Economic Research" (English original: Quantitative Methods and Socio-Economic Applications in GIS, author: Wang Fahui).

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