New Initiative on the “Resources for Novel Coronavirus and Global Research”

March 1, 2020


Identified as Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), this new virus was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and then was founded in more than 60 countries and regions. Although this has caused great panics, it may provide a rare opportunity for the spatial study of viruses and help our understanding in future risks. As a joint effort by the Center for Geographical Analysis at Harvard University, the Geo-computation Center for Social Sciences at Wuhan University, RMDS Lab, and the Chinese Data Institute, a web based resource center for COVID-19 has been established for research data sharing.

This initiative is sponsored by the China Data Lab project and received support from many research institutions and companies on data, methodology, technology, and cloud platform. For more details about the updates of the project, visit "The Resources for Novel Coronavirus and Global Research".