China Data Lab (CDL) Team Meeting

October 5, 2019


In order to advancepromote the development and reform of spatially integrated humanities and social science research and academic education, a Memorandum of Understanding onabout the establishment of Spatial Data Lab was signed on the 17th of May, 2019 by Harvard's Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA), Wuhan University's Geocomputation Center for Social Sciences (GCSS) and China Data Institute. In July, the beta version of ‘Research and Education Data Platform’ was released in ‘the 10th Forum on Spatially Integrated Humanities and Social Science’ held in Wuhan University and a training seminar on ‘spatial data lab’ was organized as well.

The CDL (China Data Lab (CDL) is a project implementing the Spatial Data Lab concept through an online platform. The project team meteting was held on October 5th, 2019. The participants include the director Prof. Jianya Gong, executive director Prof. Xinyan Zhu and director assistance Dr. Yuanzheng Shao of GCSS, Dr. Lingbo Liu from the School of Urban Planning at Wuhan University, the executive director Dr. Wendy Guan and post-doctoral researcher Dr. Tao Hu of CGA, and the director of Dr. Shuming Bao of China Data Institute. The meeting reviewed the CDL project progress and discussed the plan.

Currently, CDL is deploying its platform on FAS Research Computing Clusters at Harvard University. The platform is being integrateding with Harvard’s Dataverse developed by the Institute of Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) and WorldMap developed by CGA, building a large scale spatial and non-spatial data management tool to store, query, analyze and visualize data. The platform provides an integrated environment, including data, software, and study cases resources, facilitating faculties, researchers, and students to conduct research on ChinaChinese studies.

The CDL team is also building a connection with Harvard-Yenching Library and Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, to enhance the development of the research on China through the CDL platform. On September 24th, Dr. Guan and Dr. Hu were invited to give a presentation on “Introduction to China Data Lab (CDL)” at Harvard-Yenching Library. The audiences expressed strongwere very interested in the topic and they would like to use the platform soon for their research. Meanwhile, the CDL team had a meeting with Fairbank Center on October 4th, discussing the collaborations on promoting the platform promotion at Harvard. A training workshop on the CDL platform is scheduled and will be held soon. The workshop aims to introduce the data, software and case studies oin the platform for Harvard faculties, researchers and students, teaching users how to create, replicate, reproduce, and extend research cases based on workflow.

In the next phaseplan, the CDL platform will be deployed at Harvard, integrating with Dataverse and WorldMap to improve the users’ interactions with data. Also, the project teamCDL will have closer collaborations with Harvard-Yenching Library, and the Fairbank Center to help faculties, researchers and students infor Chinese studies. Moreover, the CDL team will actively build connections with global wide institutions worldwide, providing the China data study platform for researchers and educators.