Contributors For Data

All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd.

All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd. was spin off from the National Bureau of Statistics of China. It provides high value-added data products, professional data analysis, intelligent data service, and marketing consulting. It is one of the primary data providers of the China Data Lab.



GTA Education Tech Ltd.

GTA Education Tech Ltd. is a leading agency in education services, financial information services, and professional data services in China. GTA provides data and technical support for collaborative research and training with the China Data Lab.



incoPat Global Patent Database

incoPat is a primary provider for China and global patent data service located in Beijing. incoPat Global Patent Database translates 140 million patent technologies from 120 authorities since the year 1782, with 14,000 new technologies added daily. incoPat processes the value-added data including legal status, patent review data, litigation, corporate business information, technology operation, custom records, communication standards, declassified national defense patents, etc.