Strategic Partners

Future  Data Lab

Future Data Lab (FDL) is designed for provide a new generation of data services with cutting-edge methodology and technology. The Future Data Lab is partnering with various academic and business partners on the following missions: spatial data services; development of tools for spatial data analysis; workflow based spatial data case studies; and training programs for spatial data science.



China Data Institute

China Data Institute is one of the primary data providers for China data services. Its missions are: to support research in the human and natural components of local, regional and global change; to promote quantitative research on China; to promote collaborative research in spatial studies; and to promote the use and sharing of China data in teaching and research.


China Data Lab

GeoComputation Center for Social Sciences at Wuhan University

The GeoComputation Center for Social Sciences at Wuhan University is a joint effort by the State Key Lab of Information Engineering in Survey, Mapping and Remote Sensing at Wuhan University and the Center for Spatial Data Sciences at the University of Chicago. It promotes the scientific research on the theory and method of spatial data in scientific research, personnel training, international cooperation and social practice. GCSS is one of the core partners of the China Data Lab in research, development and training.



Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University

The Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University is a member organization of Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and one of the research sites in the Spatiotemporal Innovation Center funded by the US National Science Foundation’s Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers Program. Its core mission is to advance and support research and teaching in all disciplines across Harvard University with emerging geospatial technologies.