Welcome to our ChinaX site!

Since the conclusion of Part 10, our team has reflected on the extraordinary journey we began with so many of you back in October of 2013. Today, we are so inspired as we see your continued involvement around the world, through Facebook (Learner Initiated Group and ChinaX Community Page) and other social media.

Our goal for the website is to continue the learning, dialogue, and sense of community that has evolved from ChinaX. We hope you will join us and your fellow learners on this website and on social media to continue the journey we have all started together.

On the website you will find:

  • FAQ, with up-to-date information on ChinaX
  • Blog, which we envision will be a place to find news related to both Chinese history and China, and for you to leave your own opinions through comments
  • Calendar that will include events related to China, HarvardX, and launch dates for ChinaX
  • Resource Page for further study of China while we work on the next version of ChinaX
  • News section where you will find articles on ChinaX and China

We look forward to hearing from you through this new ChinaX website. Please stay tuned for updates soon, including launch dates, via the website.

The ChinaX Team