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chinax civilization and empire

Over the past months our team has reflected on the extraordinary journey we began with so many of you in 2013, when we first launched ChinaX. With your generous feedback, we set out to make improvements and revisions that we hope will make studying China through ChinaX a great learning experience.

The second iteration of ChinaX begins today with the opening of ChinaX (Parts 1-5): China: Civilization and Empire, taught by Professor Bol. Enroll yourself by visiting the ChinaX Page on edX. We encourage you to view the Syllabus and Unit Outline (a breakdown of course components), and visit topics that interest you most!  We present to you a reimagined course with completely new assessments and revamped videos, as well as new material (released in the coming months), including a unit on the Silk Roads with Professor Daniel WaughChinaX (Parts 6-10): China and the Modern World, taught by Professor Kirby, will open in November. Stay tuned!

We hope you connect with us and fellow learners worldwide on this site. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to join the ChinaX Facebook Group Page, initiated by learners in the first iteration of ChinaX. Lastly, please help us spread the word by telling anyone you think would enjoyChinaX to enroll and to check out the ChinaX Page.

Welcome back. We look forward to seeing you online!

Peter, Bill and the ChinaX Team