What will I Learn in ChinaX?

In the first half of ChinaX we explore the development of this great civilization from the Neolithic to the last dynasty. We see the formation of political structures and social practices that have lasted into the present; we learn to appreciate artistic and literary traditions of sophistication and refinement; we inquire into its philosophical and religious legacies and their significance for our own lives; and we trace the creation of the largest economy in world history.

The modern part of ChinaX explores the building of contemporary China – a new country built on the bedrock of...

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What is the Content and Structure of Version 1 of ChinaX?

ChinaX is made up of ten “mini-courses” or “parts” that collectively span 6,000 years of history. Each mini-course consists of 4-8 “modules,” each with videos, readings, interactive engagements, and discussion forums. There are a total of 52 modules.

ChinaX will take you on virtual “Field Trips,” where you will have the opportunity to meet Chinese entrepreneurs, artists, botanists, administrators, among others, as they give you on-the-ground perspectives. You will also have access to rich resources from Harvard University’s diverse collections, including art, rare books,...

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