What will I Learn in ChinaX?

In the first half of ChinaX we explore the development of this great civilization from the Neolithic to the last dynasty. We see the formation of political structures and social practices that have lasted into the present; we learn to appreciate artistic and literary traditions of sophistication and refinement; we inquire into its philosophical and religious legacies and their significance for our own lives; and we trace the creation of the largest economy in world history.

The modern part of ChinaX explores the building of contemporary China – a new country built on the bedrock of a great and ancient civilization. ChinaX addresses what “modern China” means; when modern Chinese history begins; and enduring issues such as unity, population growth, environmental costs, social constraints, commercialization, and internationalization. We conclude by asking: “Will the 21st century be the Chinese century”?

After taking this course, learners will have developed: a comprehensive understanding of China’s past, present and future, including an understanding of China’s culture, politics and economic development; the skills to analyze primary sources within their historical context; the ability to interpret secondary sources; and, the ability to analyze a business case.