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January 14, 2014

Excerpt from ChinaX [published by Germ Magazine]


Professor Bol brings warmth and charm to the students through not only his “mini lectures” but also the office hours he holds weekly.  While it is impractical to answer all students’ questions, he answers many representative ones.   The interaction between Bol and Kirby is dynamic and instructive.  They don’t always agree and that productive tension forces students to engage the material at an authentic level.  Readings are provided online, at no cost to the student, and are engaging and manageable...

ChinaX is different from many other edX courses in that it is organized in nine “mini-courses.”  Students can participate in some or all.  The entire curriculum looks to be about 15 months as opposed to most courses which are completed in two.  And I will confide in you that less than three months into it I am already worried how I am going to get my ChinaX fix when it is over.  I love sitting down at my desk with a cup of coffee, my pug, Molly (who I am teaching Chinese– so far I can tell her not to eat newspapers and read apples), and listening to Peter Bol talk about the history, philosophy, and culture of China.  Professor Bol, I very much hope to sit down with you one day and talk about Lao Tzu.  I believe there is more there than you see.  But I am here to tell you that you are a rock star.  You are touching many people’s lives and reminding them that there are no limits to learning.  And there are no boundaries to learning communities. And you are bringing out the best in what technology can do for learning.

I love ChinaX.   Love it.

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