Chinese 140x

This course is designed for students who have completed Pre-advanced Modern Chinese (Chinese 130xb, 130b) at Harvard University or the equivalent elsewhere.

It aims at further developing the students' ability to use Chinese in advanced and complex contexts. The course focuses on in-depth reading of authentic Chinese texts, with an emphasis on accurate comprehension, expansion of vocabulary for expressing more refined and sophisticated ideas, and development of ability to process and generate sentences with complex structures used mainly in formal speech and writing.

This course is also designed to give students exposure to a wide variety of topics and genres of writing in Chinese. Although a detailed vocabulary list is provided for each text, the students are expected to have the ability to solve ordinary language problems independently with the help of dictionaries and reference books.

The objectives of this course include: 1) enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese cultural conventions and assumptions, social norms, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to “read between the lines” and discern the subtle connotations often present in Chinese speech and writing, 2) giving students the skills and confidence to use Chinese in a number of important, practical settings, including job interviews and academic forums, 3) improving students’ writing ability, enabling students to express their opinions and feelings more accurately, appropriately and coherently, and to offer more detailed and vivid descriptions and narrations.