about project

In the Advanced Modern Chinese course, students learn different genres of writing, including letters, newspapers, literature, poems, songs, and essays. This course will include a project in which students work in groups of four to write lyrics for a Chinese song with the assistance of the instructor. The project helps create a sense of community by encouraging student-student and student-faculty dialogue.

The course will invite Chinese songwriters (guest speakers) to share their experience of writing lyrics in Chinese. Students can understand song structure and composition, the power of lyrics, and the emotional impact of the song in the workshops. In the class, through videos, documentaries, and interviews, students will be able to learn the art of writing songs in Mandarin. Furthermore, students will be provided with opportunities to work with Chinese composers to communicate their ideas of the styles, rhymes, and melodies of the song so they can cooperate to make a song together. Students use the language both within and beyond the classroom to interact and collaborate in the community and the globalized world.

Songs are works of art that express thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They also play a very important role in bringing people together. Songs that students make will be presented in music videos and posted online and shared with a global audience. People can feel connected and engaged by interacting online at this difficult time.