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JulyNaiara Perurena has been awarded the 2020 AACR-AstraZeneca Breast Cancer Research Fellowship! Congrats Naiara!

June: Lisa Situ won the first place prize at the Grunebaum Research competition sponsored by the Landry Cancer Biology Consortium! Congrats Lisa!

May: Haley Manchester, a graduate student in BBS has successfully defended her PhD thesis! Congrats Haley

haley defense

Steph's paper studying HOXC10 in lung cancer has been published in Cancer Cell! Check it out here!


March: Francesca Nardi, a graduate student in the BBS program has joined the lab! Welcome Francesca!


Lisa Situ has been awarded the Landry Cancer Research Fellowship, from the Landry Cancer Biology Consortium!

Lisa Situ has successfully passed her PQE and is now a PhD Candidate! Congrats Lisa!


February: Patrick Loi presented his research on EZH2 and colon cancer at the 2020 Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge Summit!


January: Naiara Perurena has been awarded the 2020 Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation Research Grant! Congrats Naiara!

naiara terri

The lab is funded by the prestigious Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Grand Challenge fellowship! Karen Cichowski is an investigator part of the Grand Challenge team SPECIFICANCER to study tissue specificity of cancer drivers! Read more about the CRUK Grand Challenge team and objectives here


Karen's paper on Tissue Specificity in Cancer with Dr. Kevin Haigis and Dr. Steve Elledge was published in Science!


September: Karen has won the BBS award for Mentorship and will be presented with the award at the annual BBS Retreat in Provincetown!

July: Lisa Situ, a graduate student in the BBS program has joined the lab! Welcome Lisa! 

June: Rachel Davis, a recent grad of UMass Amherst has joined the lab as a research technician! Welcome Rachel!

April: Ryan Kuzmickas, a graduate student in BBS completed his thesis defense and will be returning to the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow! Congratulations Ryan!


August: Patrick Loi, a graduate student in the BBS program has joined the lab! Welcome Patrick!