[edited 3/23] On Campus Meetings

We have a faculty search under way.  Should we cancel or defer visits by candidates, even if we have had prior visits by other candidates? 

Yes. Job talks should be conducted over  Zoom  or the equivalent. 

Should postdoc interviews be done remotely or in person?  

They should be conducted remotely. To learn more about Zoom, visit:  https://huit.harvard.edu/zoom-training 

Should we cancel or re-schedule visits by seminar speakers? 

Yes, they should be conducted remotely. To learn more about Zoom, visit:  https://huit.harvard.edu/zoom-training 

Can classes continue to meet on campus with students who happen to be living in the area (e.g. local undergraduates or graduate students)? 

No, all classes are remote  effective March 23 

I have staff with currently no sick or vacation time available – is there a different policy in place during this time or will the regular apply?    

 Staff who have health circumstances that require them to remain away from work can “go in the red” on sick time. Evolving policies are posted at: https://hr.harvard.edu/corona-virus-workplace-policies 

I am close to my maximum vacation balance limit yet I am not in a position to take a real vacation or significant time off from work due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Will Harvard alter its vacation policies to allow staff additional time to use their vacation balances? No one should be forced to lose vacation days during this unprecedented period when the ability to use vacation time is severely limited by external factors.

You should still be able to take vacation days during this time, subject to approval by your supervisor. Please also check the University website for updates: https://hr.harvard.edu/news/coronavirus-covid-19-updates-workplace-polic...

Is there a sense on when decisions will be made about post-April summer educational programs and events? And should we include any caveats in summer program offers/admission?  

Right now our planning horizon is the end of April. We need to see how events unfold before making longer range plans, however, we have taken additional steps forward in our efforts to de-densify our campus.