Fall 2020: Undergraduate Teaching & Research

Can undergraduates participate in research on campus?

New guidance for Fall 2020:

The only undergraduates allowed to enter the FAS and SEAS research lab buildings will be seniors who are living on campus and conducting research for their senior thesis or comparable "capstone" project.

Students who are living off campus (even if local) may not enter the lab. Their ID cards will be deactivated.

Students who are on leave also may not enter the lab. PIs should not hire undergraduates (enrolled or on leave) for any on-campus lab research.

This guidance applies through the end of the 2020 calendar year.

Undergraduates who are currently working in research labs who will not be part of the allowed cohort in the fall (on-campus senior thesis writers) must plan to vacate the labs by the end of August.

This guidance only applies to labs in FAS or SEAS buildings.

Can students who are on leave participate in research?

Undergraduate students who are on leave should not engage in research supervised by Harvard faculty members, regardless of whether the research is paid or unpaid.

Students who are on leave will not have access to Harvard resources (including online library resources, computing tools, databases, etc.). Faculty may not hire undergraduates who are on leave (e.g. as research assistants).

Students who are on leave may not be paid through any Harvard payroll.

Students who wish to do research advised by Harvard faculty should enroll and do research remotely (or on campus, if they are seniors participating in laboratory thesis or capstone projects).

Can students who are on campus come to the teaching labs?

Updated guidance for Fall 2020: The College, FAS, and SEAS have decided that all instruction in Fall 2020 must be strictly online.

Undergraduate students may not enter the teaching labs this fall.

This is in part to ensure the safety of our students and staff, and in part to ensure that all students—whether on campus or remote—will have equal educational opportunities this semester.